Jim Jeffries Airworks Co. Inc.

371 Lakeway Dr.

Brandon, MS  39047




Steve Hinton - Planes of Fame 

John Muszala - Pacific Fighters

Toby McPherson - Tall Towers Ag.

Nelson Ezell - Ezell Aviation 

Ken Kane - Ken Kane Aerial

Ron Deck - Skytractor 

Mary Dilda- T-6 Gold Winner

Jim Martinelli     

Dennis Buehn T-6 Gold Winner

Patrick Harker

Sam Tabor - Tab-Air

These are just a few of the many customers that I have had the privilege of working with.



  1. Providing Dynamic Propeller Balancing and Engine Vibration Analysis

  2. M.O.R.E Program Vibration Surveys

In the business of providing these services, at the customers site, since 1990.

  1. General Aviation Aircraft from UltraLight through the G-1 Gulfstream

  2. All Piston and Turbine Powered Propeller Aircraft

  3. All Radial Engine Aircraft up to R-4360

Examples of Aircraft Balanced: 

• Boeing B-29 Bomber

• B-24 Bomber

• North American B-25 Bomber

• North American P-51 A,B,C,D

• All Skyraiders series

  1. All Corsair series including Super   Corsair (R-4360)

  2. Curtis P40 Warhawk

• Hawker Seafury

• Bearcat

• Wildcat

• Hellcat

  1. All Spitfire series including, Griffin

  Powered Counter-Rotator MK17

• AT-6 and Harvard (SNJ)

  1. Japanese Zero with original engine

  and propeller

  1. All agricultural aircraft including

  Dromader M-18 with 4 blade Pezotel

  propeller or Hamilton Standard  DC-3


  1. Special services for Walter Turbine

  engine-propeller combo

  All experimental and homebuild

  aircraft including Reno Air Racers and

  Sport Class

• Other aircraft of interest, see photos              

Chino, CA

Idaho Falls, Idaho 

Page, ND

Breckenridge, TX

Minnedosa, MB, CA

Hillsboro, ND

Memphis, Tn

Minden, NV

Carson City, NV

Anoka, MI

E. Troy, Wisc.